Cuyahoga River

Cuyahoga River
Cuyahoga River in the Valley

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trembling . . . Vietnam is still too close

When I finally read The Year That Trembled by Scott Lax, I found out what I needed to know about how young men felt on the eve of the 1971 draft for Vietnam. No one wanted to go to Vietnam, and by that time, Vietnam seemed pretty stupid. The Year That Trembled was about five guys, one of whom was drafted and killed during the war. The main character had fallen in love with the wife of the guy who died, even slept with her during the before-the-draft party, but they didn’t end up together. That mistake would haunt him. There were some really good people in the book and Lax did a great job at conveying their goodness in the midst of a messed up world.

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