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Cuyahoga River
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Open Up My Heart -- My Book in Progress

I journal my life so I can make sense of it.  I journal as a way to be at one with God, my thoughts a prayer, a meditation, the part of me that belongs to God. In yoga we end our practice sessions with the word “Namaste,” which means “I bow to the God within you, which is also the God within me.” I believe God resides in me and when I pay attention to what God wants me to do, when I allow myself to respond to what He requires of me, by paying attention, I live in harmony with my truth, given by God. Christ is a powerful image of God walking amongst us, the most perfect human being, but I recognize God, the Lord of all peoples no matter how they pray, as my Lord.  I wonder if I really am a Christian. My Christianity is inclusive, not just of other people, but their beliefs. My Christianity expands outside The New Testament. My Christianity wonders whether some of the stories were contrived to make us believe. My Christianity does not like to be made to believe in anything because my heart is open and it has a direct line to God. I sort this out in my journal.  And I repeat, over and over again, “God be with me as I open up my heart.” 

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Gail Rusinko said...

Claudia, I appreciate your courageous self exploration about your evolving beliefs about Christianity. I think that the many religions are man's manifestation of his struggle to understand and make sense of the non-concrete spiritual world. Most point toward a loving God or reverence for creation.
Looking forward to more of your musings.